Instructions to play the Generationsgame

August 22, 2010 by KenoNitro   Comments (0)

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With this Article I want to give you an idea how to play this game. Its called game but in fact it doesnt have rules to play along . The code is the game so to say . Its the challenge which the players have in common. The challenge to be part of discovering the unknown even if its a philosophical search at the moment.

So everything you upload, bookmark, blog, as long its content is related to philosophy, science, art, media and culture is just perfect in the sense of the game. One of the games aim is to build up a database of dynamic floating content in these fields. Dynamic in this content means - able to be discussed and commented by others. Therefore its important to have disscussions and contention on the posted data. So I would wish the players to play the game by bringing in relevant and interessting content, to discuss the content within the community - even discuss the content on other plattforms if you like.

One more possibility to play the game is not only online - you can even have the contention offline with friends or relatives. Discussing the possibility of a natural sourcecode will be, im sure on that bc expirienced a lot, an exciting topic for long deep and emotional talks. Philosophy by heard.

Even so another method playing the game is to meditate on the topic in different variations. You can mediatate on it by using general methods of meditation like sitting still and thinking on the possibility of a natural sourcecode. Best method here is to imagin yourself from going down the levels. Entering your body - cell - dna - molecules - atoms - quantums - subquantums and so on. Try to imagin the informationtrade on these levels. Try to imagin free of words, just in pictures, voices and noices, feelings, smells and taste. Doing this you are coming close to the sourcecode - bc nature doesnt use humans language.

Several other techniques of meditation on the topic are like in Zen-Buddhism the work in nature or just the looking at nature. So this could be on long walks or watching a stone in the gras. Try to get free of words and take nature as it is. You will see your mind will be set back very soon.

I would be happy to get some feedback on this article and mybe it even animates to bring in some content on the plattform.

The code, this is what i really believe, will be discovered by itself one day. The only thing that is really important is to see the challenge of a natural sourcecode, everything further on will come by its time.

While keeping this challenge or quest open and interessting, which is the single players task - the generationsgame is fullfilling its very special goal - beeing inspirational for science, art, culture and media.

Greets @KenoNitro