Terence McKenna in: 'Technopagans at The End of History (1998)'

February 5, 2012 by Xiane Sierocka-Stock   Comments (0)

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"It's strange, you know, the Net is denounced as austere, the product of the engineering mentality,so forth and so on. It's the most feminine influence that Western civilization has ever allowed itself to fall under the spell of. The troubadors of the fourteenth century were as nothing compared to the boundary-dissolving, feminizing, permitting, nurturing nature of the Net. Maybe that's why there is an overwhelming male preference for it, in its early form, because that's where that was needed. But it is Sophia, it is wisdom, it is the penetrating archetypal female logos of the world-soul, leading us away from what was very sharp-edged and uncomfortable and repressive to our creativity and our sexuality and our relationships to each other and to the Earth." - Terence McKenna in: 'Technopagans at The End of History (1998)'