Energy and a Beyond Higgs world view

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N  Z/e > Ve/quark-gluon on e H


Annihilation: Photon neg. + photon + (via neg space/string) e (DE) - Z (DM)


Higgs related to neg e string via Ve (keep apart Proton electron) -

Quantum tunneling of e via QCD | Ve oscillates


Thus DM explains matter –   antimatter symmetry break

there is only matter/antimatter no DM AM. (shielding/no charge)


no gain no loss (Einstein) gravity is within the higgs string field ( - e space neg!) –pull/push


DM via Higgs string field different gravity DE! Is uncharged!



Wie können wir den Energiesektor für neue Technologien öffnen um die Energie- und Stromversorgung Deutschlands zu sichern?




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Note about imaginary negative mass in a beyond Dirac world view – seen from (higgs) string vacua foldings - BH states - BH identity- and electron nuclear shell model
…  What matters? … When the higgs matters, why doesn't it anti matter? the higgs doesn't anti matter!