informationphysical interpretation of the colorloads and Quark-Gluon exchange in atoms nucleo

September 1, 2010 by KenoNitro   Comments (0)

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Looking close to the mechanisms running inside atoms core, especially the change of colorloads and the Quark-Gluon exchange within the protons and neutrons, but even crossboardering the hadrons, it could be that this is a complex information-system. So the described system has all aspects of a information-system required, its having different loads, which can be used as informations, and its able to change the information fast if needed. Its able to be reprogrammed fast to fit into new atomcollectives and to disconnect and connect if needed. A code on this level should be discovered by the looking on the different colourloads the electrical loads of the hadrons, and even the states in between the gluon-exchange. Algorithms created to run on quantumcomputers should be helpfull to decrypt a code on atoms-core-level, because they are designed to work with the states in between. The code on this level should be very complex, much more efficient then our binary system used in informatics. It should be possible due to the different loads and combinations of loads that different calculations could be overlayed and operated in the same time. The decryption of such a code would be the holy grail in nanotechnology.

Greets KenoNitro