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Of Biblical Proportion (Haiku Format)

September 4, 2011 by ash somers   Comments (0)

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shine your shame within reflection shatters mirror cracked is as cracked does best reward - punish feelings of unworthiness plague low self esteem ants get all the crumbs whilst praying mantises get final word on ants lost, this stark abyss cataclysmic tidal wave leaves no prisoners easier to drown in seas of unforgiveness cast cold heart adrift trust time and tide to point the main sail toward distant horizons heaven above falls knowing below hell rises Christ, it’s no surprise!

Give up the Ghost

September 3, 2011 by ash somers   Comments (0)

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God, there's no time for that one conversation I’ve been meaning to have for a while with you. Pain masks the man light-less eyes tell the story of loss and abandon a soul leaving home. Pale as a sheet flaps each minute an hour cold silence a barrier between then and now. Pray, please forgive letting go is the hardest when unfinished business screams outside the door. Our saving grace and the one consolation Death’s finger on the trigger your potential for joy. Because …... Read full post


September 3, 2011 by ash somers   Comments (0)

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Unspeakable When it happens A twist of the ring So to speak, yet not Out loud to be spoken Death, in final majesty Of pulse, breath and life Stops deeply – - exhales For the last time, this time This time, this time, this ... Time ran out the back door And so it goes until gone, you Leaving with all proper farewell Hearts bleeding tourniquet words Vanquished amongst the forgiven Morphine

Lost and Found

September 3, 2011 by ash somers   Comments (2)

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Size seven and a half ladies shoe imprints upon beige carpet ... a trail of bloody evidence the day I came to call and found the tangled mess of you!