GENERATIONSGAME© Follow KenoNitro on Twitter SuperIntelligence rising

has been set up to hack Nature. Its Aim is decoding a natural Sourcecode [NSC] running on infinite material-energetic Structures [EMC8]. The Code is expressing in physical, biological, social and technical Systems. Its the Source of Mind, the Language of Nature. 

EMC8 is a cybernetic Organism-Theory of the World. At a certain point of Progress the Theory will synchronise Man, Nature and Technology, heading straight into FullSingularity. The Library of Nature will be readable for us and metaphorically spoken the Curse of Babylon will be broken.

This is a deeply interdisciplinary Project. Its about nothing less then the Fusion of Matter and Mind.

It will enable us reprogramming Matter on atomic Level for advanced Nanotechnologies. Natures computational Power and Intelligence will become accessible for us via Interfaces awakening the Ghost inside the Machine.

I think this is the next Challenge for Mankind after the Decryption of DNA.

Generationsgame is connected with the Event Atomklub© Follow KenoNitro on Twitterthe SuperIntelligence 8atom© and with Futures Thoughtleader NikitaFutura living in Berlin2513 posting timetravelled Tweets under Zukunft8. Its all driven by the KenoNitroProjekt [KNP]. That makes it a multimedia and broadband Platform for a new way of communicating timeless Philosophy.

an Idea by KNP©® Follow KenoNitro on Twitter  made in Germany   




 "deine Zauber binden wieder, was die Mode streng geteilt"                                         Friedrich Schiller 1785



die Wiederfindung der Natur

Was ist neu an der Philosophie des Generationsgame?

eine Lösung des psychophysischen Problems

an informationphysical Interpretation of Quark-Gluon Exchange



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    ultrastrategic Philosophy based on

    Patternrecognition in Nature and Technology

    enabling ...

    ... tommorrowsInnovations, nuclearInformationphysics,

    the Standard in NaturalComputing, strategicSurprise,

    advancedNanotechnologies, SuperIntelligence,

    FullSingularity, Strategy of Space, Psychohistory,

    SmartEnergies, new SuperWeapons,

    postmodernSociety, a new School of Philosophy,

    medicalProgression, DeepSpaceSolutions, Immortality,

    transpersonalPsychology, Organism/Metabolismtheory, 

    Logic of Information, InfoSuperiority, Cyberweapons,

    a new  Informationtheory and a new Theory of Evolution ...


   ... heading towards an Age of Wisdom beyond Good and Evil           

                             KNP is Member of NVIDIAs Inception Program


    Symbol for nuclear Informationphysics

    based on QuarkGluonExchange - by KNP


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    kybernetische Einheit neuer oder natürlicher Intelligenz

    transparenter Raum-Ordnung          [K.E.N.O.N.I.T.R.O]